There are so many Realtors out there… Referrals and testimonials help, but it’s still a very difficult choice. Realtors also worry about being the right fit for their client. That is why I take the time here to share a little about myself, and my approach, to inform your decision making.


Sharing knowledge is really how I like to approach my work -A life-long learner of all things real estate, I know that if I can bring clarity to every step for my clients, they can be more comfortable, feeling proactive instead of reactive in all their decision making.


A Real Estate Agent since 2013, and a Principal Broker since 2017, I live, work and play in the suburbs west of Portland. However, my real estate history and experience has been all over Portland, and I have built a considerable network of colleagues and contractors. I bring a variety of knowledge to your search, perhaps even opening up new avenues!


I am consistently responsive, with an emphasis on being available, but be assured, I won’t waste your time. My past clients will confirm I bring the same consideration to my negotiations, marketing and pricing strategies, leading to successful deals. I was recently named one of the top ten solo agents of Keller Williams Professionals, located in the #1 office in Oregon.


I am most proud of my ability to bring a focused calm during the stress of buying real estate. A rare commodity during times of monumental change, my clients know they can always count on me to come up with creative solutions to any issue [BD1] that may arise.


Every real estate journey I take with each client is special. I consider each sale to be one of the most important decisions anyone can make in their lives, and I acknowledge that responsibility every step of the way. I commit my best efforts, always reaching to meet my goal with every client -to make their dreams a reality.


Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to working with you.


-Michellé Hutton

P.S. Pronounced: Me-Shell-A


Call me @ (503) 939-7858